An Update: Don Rosa Classics Deluxe Edition, Project Eternity

Sorry I haven’t been posting: I’ve been out of commission for awhile due to illness. But I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming down the pipe to review, a new Don Rosa in Review just dropped today, and the next installment will get to the real reason I started the series. But since I don’t want to spend a post on two measly sentences, let me give you some good news…

The Don Rosa Classics: Deluxe Edition has one more volume coming out! The Early (So-Called) Art of Don Rosa is a companion to the Pertwillaby Papers and Captain Kentucky duology, with over 250 pages of early drawings and comics from my very favorite comic book author. And if you missed The Pertwillaby Papers and Captain Kentucky volumes the first time around, they’re available as part of this new fundraiser. Check it out in the link below, and enjoy some great, funny drawings from one of the most unique comic artists out there.

You can get some great information on the first two volumes here, straight from the words of Mr. Rosa himself.

On top of that, Obsidian Entertainment just launched a kickstarter for Project Eternity! Obsidian Entertainment has the staff behind games such as Fallout 1 and 2, Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Knights of the Old Republic II (my favorite RPG), Planescape Torment, Alpha Protocol, and Fallout New Vegas. They’re my favorite game studio and have never had the chance to publish an RPG like this before. No studio interference, no rushing the game out for Christmas, just a game by people who love to make games. If you love great roleplaying games and amazing writing, you owe it to yourself to check this out.



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