Review: Jem and the Holograms Volume 1 – Showtime

91rrp7cw9llWriter – Kelly Thompson, Sophie Campbell as co-plotter

Covers & Interior Art – Sophie Campbell

Colors – M. Victoria Robado

Lettering – Shawn Lee, Tom Long, Robbie Robbins

Editor – John Barber

Variant Covers – Stephanie Hans, Amy Mebberson, Sara Richard, Agnes Garbowska, Amanda Conner (colors by Paul Mounts), David Lafuente (colors by John Rauch), Marguerite Sauvage, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jenevieve Broomall

Jem and the Holograms is the best impulse purchase I’ve ever made. The day it arrived I read the book cover to cover, then immediately read it again. I would be happy having that as the entire review, but I think I’ll go a little more in depth as to why this comic is worth your time.

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Chattering with Aaron Sparrow

I really couldn’t resist the title.

Aaron Sparrow is nothing if not passionate. Twice over he’s worked to bring Darkwing Duck to comic books, and his work as a writer and professional has always seemed geared towards something I consider tremendously important – creating an accessible environment for new readers and kids. That’s no easy task in a world of crossovers, events and writing for the trade (now if only my local store could keep the book in stock!). With the release of the new Darkwing Duck trade paperback, he was able to give some of his time to talk with me about the way comics are created, his current Darkwing Duck series, and the impact both the character and comics medium had on him.


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