Wonder Woman Rebirth and Deluxe Editions

Wonder Woman Rebirth

As promised in my Showing off the Shelves article, whenever I work on something over on K. Tilden Frost’s blog that fits mine too, I’ll make sure to cross-post it here. Fortunately, co-writing, similar tastes and interests means that should be happening quite a lot. So check out this piece on how to get the right version of Greg Rucka’s second tenure on Wonder Woman with Wonder Woman Rebirth: Wait for the Deluxe Editions.

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Some of DC’s most popular titles come out twice a month. In order to create visual consistency, Rucka’s Wonder Woman has alternating artists between issues and two interwoven plots: one for odd numbered issues, one for even numbered issues. In its original, single issue form, this created an incredible, critically acclaimed story. But when it came time to put it in trade, DC decided to fix what wasn’t broken, breaking it in the process.


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