Review Or Die – Formatting Change, Patreon, More Articles, and a Don Rosa In Review Update





What’s up. I’m not dead, this is just an update because things got weird over the last year or so This is an update for the site, which, don’t worry, isn’t going away and neither am I. I will have to change the formatting though.


See, I write posts I’d normally put on Review Or Die on the Geekdad website. Unfortunately, if I simply repost them here, it messes with Google Analytics because they think I’m ripping off my own material, because Google is as Google does. Since I’ve started a patreon, I can include material in Patreon-posts that don’t fit in the article, or tells you here I wanted to say ‘fuck’ but they wouldn’t let me because it’s a parenting website.


I’ll link to the patreon introduction for every finished article that I post, and I’ll do the six that haven’t been cross-posted to Review or Die over the next week or so.


Also yes, after eight years, I started a Patreon! If you donate, you can see previews of articles, help me get things to review, and even preview the original fiction I write. If you want to look at the How To Collect series, you can vote on which piece I’ll write on next.  And I’ll pay special attention to comments you send me about other things to look at for review purposes, though obviously, anything any reader asks about I will try to keep under consideration. The more money that goes into the Patreon, the more time I’m able to spend on this rather than other work that pays.


Speaking of Patreon, if I’m able to get $25 per article/review/interview in donations, I will release the pilot episode of a video review series on RWBY, starting with the Red trailer. Viewer feedback will determine whether I continue it. Since I did the pilot in Windows Movie Maker, and because that was like being hit in the head with a hammer, it would also involve me learning how to use Sony Vegas.


One last thing about Patreon. I promise you right now: If the ‘Early So-Called Art of Don Rosa’ ever comes out, I will make a patreon goal to start up Don Rosa In Review again. That means looking over EVERY Don Rosa story in detail, giving my best analysis of his work as a whole, and going over my opinion of how the characters in his stories were portrayed and why. That was one of my favorite series to write, but it’s also one of the most time-consuming and laborious because it involves multiple reads of a 26-year career in comics (and anything he did as a fan.)


And that’s the update. The most recent article I wrote will have its own post later today in the style I’ve talked about here. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.


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